Cambodia taxi driverTo visit Cambodia you will need a visa. The regular tourist visa is granted for 30 days and allows a single entry into the Kingdom of Cambodia

taxi driver CambodiaThe high season to visit Cambodia ranges from end of November to March. But according to where you travel inside Cambodia, the best period will vary

cambodia taxi driverWhen planning a trip to Cambodia with your private driver, you certainly want to know how much money you need to plan roughly for entry tickets to various sites that you will visit during your private trip to Cambodia.

cambodia taxi driverDuring your private trip to Cambodia, like during any other trip abroad, you would certainly like to taste the specials of local cambodian cuisine.

cambodia taxi driverIf you are wondering what to wear during your private trip to Cambodia, we are pleased to inform you that in Cambodia there are no special restrictions about the clothing.

cambodia taxi driverOne of the most important criteria while choosing a destination for your upcoming trip is certainly safety. We are glad to inform you that Cambodia is one of the safest countries in Asia.

cambodia taxi driverFor your trip to Cambodia we do suggest that you plan ahead to make sure you have the necessary vaccination. We also recommend to inquire with your doctor.

cambodia taxi driverCambodia uses two currencies for payments: the US dollar and Khmer Riel. While the Khmer Riel is the local currency, the US Dollar is mostly used in Cambodia.