cambodia taxi driverCambodia uses two currencies for payments: the US dollar and Khmer Riel. While the Khmer Riel is the local currency, the US Dollar is mostly used in Cambodia.

The Khmer Riel is mainly used to give change for amounts below 1 US dollar (US cents are not in use in Cambodia) or to pay amounts below 1 US dollar. All other transactions will be in US dollars.

This means that you can simply arrive to Cambodia with US dollars and that you will not need to change any money at your arrival. During your travel through Cambodia, you can withdraw US dollars from ATMs. You will find ATM's in all major cities. Some places such as the islands of the South coast do not have ATMs.

You can change money into US dollars at very good rates at local money changers in Cambodia. These can be found in the major cities during your trip. Your driver will always know where to change money.

Finally you can pay by Credit card in most hotels. Restaurants and other shops in Cambodia may not accept Credit or Debit cards however.


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